Winter internships


Winter internships, occasionally known as “winternships”, give applicants from all over the world the opportunity to make the most of their winter break. Our winter internships span all career fields, from business and finance, to law, engineering and everything in between. We have start dates every month for our in-person winter internship programs, and every week for our remote winter internship programs.Our winter internship programs start from 4 weeks. Stand out to future employers by gaining invaluable professional experience this winter.

Spending your winter break gaining hands-on experience, growing your network and challenging yourself in a global internship setting is exactly what employers are looking for. This commitment to your professional development will make you stand out from your peers. Winter internships demonstrate that you’re highly motivated.

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Life as a winter intern

Destinations for winter internships


Our remote winter internships are flexible opportunities to complement your commitments. You choose from 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours per week depending on your schedule. A remote winter internship is the best way to boost your career from wherever you are.


Visiting Europe in the winter provides ambitious applicants with the chance to benefit from professional development and magical travel experiences. Interns can experience some of the world’s most popular Christmas markets and festive activities alongside their customized placement. Our winter internships in London, Dublin, Madrid and Barcelona are some of our most popular programs.

North America

Winter is a wonderful season to explore North America. You can marvel at the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in NYC, go ice skating in Toronto or enjoy a warmer winter climate in Los Angeles. There are endless reasons that winter is a great season to intern abroad in North America. 

Latin America

Medellin, Colombia is known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” given its mild and pleasant weather year-round, making it a great winter destination. In Santiago, Chile, December through February are the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere, so interns will enjoy very warm weather and can even explore Patagonia in these months.  


Like Chile, a winternship in Melbourne allows applicants to escape their colder climes and benefit from the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. A winter internship in Melbourne is the perfect way to make the most of winter break.


Winter internships in Asia allow young professionals to avoid the heat that takes over many of the region’s top cities in the spring and summer, while still taking in all of the benefits. Our winter internships in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok offer a unique opportunity to learn more about culture, language, and business.


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Why do a winter internship in 2020?

Given that fewer interns tend to dedicate their winter break to internships, this is an ideal time to create a close-knit network with other interns on the program and your host organization’s team. Winter interns benefit from one-on-one mentorship opportunities and, depending on performance, may secure internship opportunities for the summer, or even full-time future positions for after graduation.