Why IIU?

  • International Internship University (IIU) is the unification of new management patterns and educational ambassadors across the globe, from topmost educational institutions, certified efficient professionals with knowledge expertise, to share with the learners on the IIU platform. IIU provides advanced education to underprivileged students at their doorstep with ease and exposure to a unique virtual education platform across the globe. Quality education is well above par and distinguished in terms of excellence at international levels. All courses at IIU are structured by keeping SDG goals and other initiatives of the UN in mind.
  • 100 Professors and 1000+ students from every corner of the world will bind with each other to step ahead to train and teach every e-learner at IIU, which is a golden opportunity while exchanging their knowledge.
  • IIU’s concept of internships for students is to provide first-hand experience in this corporate world by enabling them to solve real-life problems to regain the real-time methodology.
  • IIU creates a unique opportunity for all the students to pursue the career of their own choice and to mould their future into a glorious one. This opportunity is a sweet home for highly-ranked universities and leading companies who want to have a new road towards successful merit.
  • IIU is committed to developing the best online degree programs for e-learners across the world, in association with the best industry leaders to make virtual education better and enhance the quality of education for their students.
  • IIU courses are ranking from:

History to Blockchain Technologies, Languages to Artificial Intelligence, Commerce to Business Strategies ….

  • Learners of IIU get the opportunity of the best internship offers from top companies, which help them with a real-time working experience. Students are mobilized and motivated to be good citizens, to meet the challenges of the competitive world, to develop their bright future careers as global citizens.
  • The policies would further improve time-efficiency, academic performance and also provide cost-effective higher education to deserving students, who may have less access to such resources and opportunities at their country level, whereas, at IIU, students will have full access to all virtual professional lectures and curriculum, that is being taught in their respective classrooms physically.
  • The primary motive of IIU lies in strengthening pieces of stuff that will surely bring up awareness in social, cultural, and traditional values and with the determined effort and implant them into the education system.

What Can Learners Avail from IIU?

  • Affordable certificate courses approved by WEO and IAO.
  • Can avail the excellent opportunity to communicate with all the world’s educators and co-learners, brought together by IIU under one roof, leads to an endless learning outcome and knowledge transfer.
  • Free Certificate programs for all, several professional courses with affordable fees, shared by many top Universities, through their Diploma and PG courses with a valid certificate, is a boon for the students.
  • IIU courses are thoroughly structured based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and other regulations by the United Nations.
  • We are progressing globally, and our presence is recognized all around the world for our brilliant projects.