Why IIU-Honorary Doctorate?

Why IIU-Honorary Doctorate?

Purpose of an Honorary Degree:

People often have some questions with regards to Honorary Doctorate….

  • Is an honorary doctorate valid?
  • Does honorary doctorate count?
  • What is the purpose of an honorary degree? …. and so, on.

If an Honorary Doctorate is awarded by an accredited university, it will be valid and accepted worldwide, and certainly will add on benefit to your resume.

International Internship University has been accredited and affiliated with the World Education Organization (WEO) and International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

International Internship University(IIU) grants Honorary Doctorate to individuals who deserve outstanding recognition for their profound and lasting achievements in their field, in accordance with the University’s values, as a way to encourage learners all over the globe.
International Internship University has waived off all of the usual requirements, such as any previous degree, attendance, course work, a dissertation, comprehensive examinations or completing a thesis, etc., forHonorary Doctorate by IIU