Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteer

Virtual volunteering has changed the volunteering landscape since the onset of Covid-19. With social distancing becoming the norm and the ongoing travel restrictions, virtual volunteering allows you to continue making a difference! Support NGOs, community service or even wildlife conservation. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.With virtual volunteering, you no longer need to miss out on the benefits of volunteering. You can continue to support meaningful projects even during the most difficult times. Remote volunteering also makes volunteering accessible to absolutely everyone!

[Remote] NGO Supporter

Each one of these programs aims at causing a positive impact on communities and environment in different areas such as poverty

[Remote] Wildlife Conservation Virtual Internship

Are you passionate about contributing to anti-poaching efforts? Determined to reduce

[Remote] Community Development Internships

Our remote Community Development internships is a very meaningful internship program which

[Remote] Marine Conservation Virtual Internship

Throughout the internship, you’ll connect with marine conservation experts and be exposed to methods and practices

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