Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to the hub of knowledge& education, the International Internship University(IIU), the first virtual Global University providing quality, accessible, affordable, skill-based education along with Internship opportunities. The various courses offered by IIU meet the global challenges by harnessing the latest technologies in the education front. The move towards interdisciplinary studies, research-based and interactive learning with technology integration has opened up several options as well as created multiple challenges. The education scenario globally has witnessed a significant change in approach and remarkable growth. In the wake of privatization of education, the major focus of IIU is on creating an optimizedand vibrant platform for quality in knowledge enhancement and bridging the gap between academia and industry with an objective to build up core competence in students integrating knowledge with skills on the foundation of ethics and values.

The Co-founder & COO of IIU, Mr. Peeyush Pandit, the visionary Educationist, just has one dream, that No child should be deprived of education & Education should reach every corner of the world. So, IIU has been on the path of delivering quality education by developing young human resources with ethical and moral values, while boosting their leadership qualities, research culture, and innovative skills across the globe. The vision of the IIU is to provide an academically conducive environment, to help create Globally Competent Individuals for rapidly changing responsibilities in academia, as well as the professional world and beyond. The challenge for IIU is threefold, namely expansion, inclusion, and excellence - Expansion to serve the exponential demand, Inclusion for equity, and access to all without compromising Excellence at par. IIU therefore shall strive hard to metamorphose to facilitate a more holistic learning environment that enriches students with new knowledge and skills to engage meaningfully in the emerging socio-economic transformation. IIU would continue to play its crucial role to shape the future of millions of youthsall over the Globe. The International Internship University is committed to promoting innovations in learning processes, cultivating research & development culture, imbibing the principles of knowledge to wealth generation, and bringing about openness and flexibility in teaching and research framework. Knowledge and experience of our 1000+ highly qualified Global Educators will certainly help IIU to grow. Alone we can do so little, together we can create wonders in the education sector.

Dr.Corina Sujdea
Educator, Romania
Vice-Chancellor International Internship University