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Volunteer Scuba Diving Projects

Volunteering as a scuba diver for a marine conservation projec is the perfect opportunity for all passionate divers out there and for those who want to become one. As our marine ecosystems are extremely endangered, you can use your scuba diving skills to support research and marine biology efforts by becoming a volunteer. Help to restore coral reefs, carry out surveys of endangered marine life and educate tourists and locals. From diving in Belize to the Philippines or Australia, all these dream destinations are looking for scuba diving volunteers to help them protect our oceans.

Whale Shark Conservation & Diving

Feel the thrill of swimming with a whale shark, the excitement of spearing the invasive lionfish, and the satisfaction

Reef Conservation Supporter

North Bali based NGO working with volunteers and local communities to restore and protect its coral reef ecosystems

Invasive Species Management

Make a difference by removing lionfish, an invasive species decimating reef ecosystems

Shark Conservation Assistant Research Diver

Our mission is to promote shark conservation and conduct citizen scientific research

Volunteer Work for Scuba Divers

Have you ever thought about volunteering in an environment that combines your passion for scuba diving and the protection of our oceans’ ecosystem? There are a variety of opportunities where you can take part as a scuba diving volunteer and join marine conservation teams in the most beautiful places worldwide. These projects are especially attractive for people who are thinking about working or studying in the field of environmental science or marine biology. And of course for those who are generally interested in gaining a greater knowledge of our oceans, their conservation, and protection as well as training how to dive and getting a PADI license.

What are Current Threats to the Marine Ecosystem?

The marine ecosystem and the dangers it is facing have become one of the greatest environmental concerns over the past century. Many extremely biodiverse underwater spots like the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia are slowly dying and losing species due to many different reasons. Some of the most severe threats to our oceans are:

  • general exploitation of the seas
  • water pollution from ships and unregulated waste management
  • habitat destruction
  • overfishing
  • unsustainable tourism and diving
  • rising water levels due to global warming

Many people are still not aware of the fact that the destruction of our marine ecosystem will cause widespread economic as well as social consequences. This is why it is important to become active now to prevent further destruction of our oceans and coasts and the extinction of many endangered species. Volunteer divers are always needed to support these conservation efforts and to call attention to one of the most important topics of our time.

 What are the Best Places for Scuba Diving Volunteers?

The Philippines, the Bahamas or Madagascar: Scuba diving and marineconservation volunteer programs take place in different countries all over the world, so you are free to travel wherever your heart takes you. Depending on your favorite destination, the tasks you’ll encounter abroad may differ, but you’ll always have the possibility to dive into the ocean.

In most of the projects, you are able to attend without any previous diving experience. Some of the projects offer scuba diving lessons to their volunteers, but this needs to be further discussed with the respective local project manager. If you are an advanced scuba diving volunteer, your PADI certification is required. A healthcare check needs to be done by anyone to become a scuba diving volunteer prior to arriving at the project site.

Scuba Diving Opportunities in Belize

One of the beautiful places where your help is of great need and which is not overrun by tourists is Belize, located on the Caribbean Coast in Central America. You have the possibility to attend in a variety of scuba diving volunteer projects in Belize. In those different projects, you can gain important knowledge about the local marine ecosystem on the Caribbean Coast and learn about methodologies that are used to protect the area and its species.

Scuba Diving projects in Australia

Another place that offers ventures into the amazing world of coral reefs and is the perfect place to travel to for volunteers and passionate divers is Australia. As a scuba diving volunteer in Australia, your work will take place at the famous Great Barrier Reef, focusing on the restoration and preservation of the local marine ecosystem. Besides your important work, you will get scuba diving training, your scuba diving certificate and receive, if necessary, your Open Water certification and PADI. After you have finished your scuba diving training, your volunteer work will start and you are able to experience scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, which is truly every diver’s dream.

Scuba diving projects in The Bahamas

Working as a scuba diving volunteer is also possible in the Bahamas, where you will get the chance to gain knowledge about the underwater environment and the work that needs to be done to protect the local coral reefs. Similar to other programs, no diving experience is needed and you will receive diving lessons and the PADI certificate before you start with your volunteer work. The Bahamas are not just a tropical paradise where you can relax on the beach, it’s rich marine life will make every dive an amazing experience for the volunteers Go on a dive expedition and experience the beautiful underwater world.

Scuba diving opportunities in the Philippines

Another scuba diving hotspot abroad that many divers will know of is the Philippines. The dives in the clear warm waters and vast coral reefs can even outshine the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The projects here do not ask their volunteers to have diving experience, so you can do the training and necessary licenses on site before you start the actual research work.

A certain training beforehand is also necessary for experienced divers as the work will be carried out on very fragile coral reefs which asks for extra caution and expertise of the divers. Once your scuba diving training is finished, you will take part in multiple scientific diving expeditions and ventures each week. Other tasks will include:

  • working in the mangrove nursery
  • seagrass surveys
  • reef and beach clean-ups
  • cleaning and maintaining diving gear
  • outreach activities to educate locals and tourists

Of course, there are many more places to volunteer as a scuba diver, like Madagascar, Seychelles or the Maldives. Just take a look at this map to find out where you might travel to next or check out our 7 must-go destinations for scuba diving.

What Will I Do as a Scuba Diving Volunteer?

You have already read about some of the tasks in the specific projects so you probably have a general idea of what diving volunteers can expect. But besides the extremely important and interesting volunteer work and ventures that you do underwater during your dives, most of the scuba diving volunteer programs require that you do some work in the local communities as well. Here it is of great importance and extremely necessary for volunteers to create awareness among the local people towards the protection and conservation of the marine environment and its ecosystem. This work will include different tasks, such as talking to local stakeholders about the marine conservation work and what needs to be done in particular.

Of course, the volunteering work depends on the project that you choose to attend, but mainly the scuba diving volunteer projects will include the following tasks:

  • locating and mapping coral reefs
  • data collection and analysis
  • lobster surveys
  • whale shark watching
  • working in communities to share information with local stakeholders
  • teaching children about the importance of marine conservation

Another vital duty of volunteers includes working at local schools. There, your help is needed to:

  • teach the children about the importance of marine conservation and the marine ecosystem
  • explain to the children what needs to be done to protect the marine ecosystem in the future
  • create simple lesson plans
  • give swim lessons

All of these community-based activities carried out by volunteers are important to ensure the sustainability of the diving project and to hopefully affect positive change in the future.

Can I Volunteer and Scuba Dive for Free?

Most volunteer programs require a fee to cover your accommodation and support the volunteer organization. For scuba diving volunteer opportunities, this fee is also used to cover your equipment. Therefore, most programs will require a fee to be paid by the volunteer. Think of it as a way to support a cause you believe while gaining an unforgettable experience.

What Are the Benefits of a Scuba Diving Volunteer Holiday?

Besides the different and new experiences you will encounter during your volunteer time abroad, all of the diving opportunities will be an unforgettable adventure for you. You will learn how to dive in the scuba diving lessons and the more skilled divers can take their experience to a new level. You will also be able to experience this special time together with volunteers from all over the world, who share the same interests like you, namely to raise awareness for the marine ecosystem and its conservation.

During your free time, you will have the chance to explore your host country and the local areas you have chosen for your time abroad with your fellow volunteers. Whether you decide to become a scuba diving volunteer in Australia, the Philippines, the Bahamas, in Madagascar or somewhere else, you will definitely have the best time of your life, exploring the different hotspots the country has to offer.