President’s Council

The President’s Council was formed with the purpose of demonstrating what were the results of introducing policies that enhanced scholastic development among students. The policies would further improve time-efficiency, academic performance and also provide cost-effective higher education to deserving students, who may have not had access to such resources and opportunities in the past.
The president’s council aims at providing every student with equal access to education and help themselves prepare and learn a meaningful work and quality of life. The president’s council helps students build their principles and communicate better by providing forums for students to participate in. The president plays an important role in determining the success of the president’s council and bring about a unified and effective atmosphere for the students.
Giving opinions and taking decisions unbiased, respectful to everyone, honesty in work are all traits that are desired by a good president and council. Only then can the president’s council perform at full capacity and help each other in the process of learning.
In fact, the president’s council plays an important role in representing and fulfilling the vision, mission and purpose of an institution.

Pratibha Mishra

President International Advisory Council of IIU
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Founder- Member International Internship University, International Social Activist, Award-Winning Social Worker, Serial Entrepreneur, and President, SBP Global
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