Founder- Member International Internship University, International Social Activist, Award-Winning Social Worker, Serial Entrepreneur, and President, SBP Global


Peeyush Pandit is a hard-working social worker who is passionate and committed to the service of humanity. He is a political figure, social activist, and entrepreneur. His social and political activism is focused on the rural areas and he fights for the right to equality for everyone. He has organized various anti-reservation campaigns at the national and state level. He enhances access to justice for people who need it and has created a team of more than twenty volunteers across different states. He has attained global recognition as head of Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust with a team of social activists that span across more than fifty countries.
Peeyush has the ability to manage complex caseloads and has granted several live interviews and press conferences on anti-reservation, rural development, access to justice, and the right to equality. Peeyush has conducted rallies, campaigns, and debates that has impacted on the Government of India to achieve several noble goals including ten percent reservation for Swarna Samaj. Peeyush is a youth leader with extensive social work experience, political activism, and stellar entrepreneurial achievements.  

Very few people have a passion for social work that Peeyush Pandit has. When you think about individuals changing the world by improving the human experience, Peeyush Pandit quickly comes to mind and goes on to top that chart. He heads a lot of organizations that are meeting the needs of people in broad categories. These organizations have touched countless lives in almost every area. They are known for virtues such as helping the poor, tending to the less privileged, addressing how global crises affect people and communities, raising an army of entrepreneurs, and developing the youth.
Peeyush is on a mission to create a change in the experiences of the people that he interacts with every day. He believes that when we all work towards a better life in our various regions, we can create resounding change around the world. Peeyush is an empathetic individual who finds creative ways to solve everyday problems. Having witnessed the plight of his people on a daily basis, he holds the firm view that humanity deserves the best in all ramifications. He is working hard to make a difference in human experience starting with one person at a time. He firmly believes that if we uplift someone and then another, we improve the experience of the human race. Indeed, he has seen this ripple effect play out in his work. He is not only actively serving others, he is also mentoring other social workers and encouraging social activism and entrepreneurship around the world. The success that his organizations have had is proof of his hard work, creativity, and commitment to the cause of enhancing the human experience.
Peeyush’s mission is to improve as many lives as possible. He is working earnestly towards attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in India and around the world. He upholds these goals in all his endeavors because they resonate so well with his vision, drive, and mission. His social work activities, his professional work, and his entrepreneurial journey all reflect the SDGs and are geared towards acquiring a better life for everyone. Peeyush knows that to make a real impact, he has to reach more people. He is proactively getting this done. Not only is he deeply involved in social work, but he is also able to carry other people along, form partnerships, and provide mentorship. He guides younger social workers and pushes them forward, nudging them to become social workers that make a difference in society. He emphasizes that the people under his watch find areas of everyday life that they are passionate about and that needs improvement. With passion, dedication, and hard work, Peeyush believes that they can make a solid difference in the lives of others. He is curious and sensitive and is always looking for ways to create lasting and impactful solutions for the everyday problems of everyday people.
Peeyush Pandit has attained an international level of social activism through sheer consistency and dedication. He liaises with professionals, agencies, and governmental bodies in India and around the world to ensure that people’s needs are met and they are able to enjoy improved life experiences. The more people that this message can reach; the more people that can be recruited into this work, the greater the effect that social activism would have and the more lives that would be touched. This is the philosophy that guides Peeyush’s work and what he strives to attain every single day. His work spans several industries and he has given a clearer perspective to social activism. He believes that humanity is worth the effort and he continues to find ways to ensure that living standards and everyday lives are improved.
In the pages that follow, we will walk through the phenomenal work of this amazing individual and see how he inspires us. 

Peeyush is the President of Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust (SBP). Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust is a service-oriented voluntary organization that was established in 2010 and was registered in 2016 with the aim of helping the destitute, old people, children, handicapped, and women in rural areas. The objectives of the organization go on to include helping martyrs of the Indian army, navy, CRPF, CSIF, and other real-life heroes who lost their lives in service. Swarna Bharat Parivaar emphasizes the human touch. The team realizes that the busy nature of modern life is silently erasing our human face. It sets out to correct this by placing humanity at the forefront. Members of SBP and its volunteers are able to bring back that human warmth with each project. The organization is also working tirelessly to see a developed India. To achieve this, they are working towards core issues that are bedeviling society. They are fighting to ensure social security, the right to equality, ending poverty and unemployment, and making the society better for all. The SBP family believes that these issues are degrading the nation’s pride and they can be corrected.
Under Peeyush’s leadership, SBP has become a global entity with ambassadors from more than fifty countries. SBP is an endless family that is working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The organization is working across four countries to stamp the sustainable goals in those places. These goals are SDG 1-17 which include no poverty, zero hunger, good health and wellbeing, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water, life on land, peace, justice and strong institutions, partnerships for the goals.
SBP has been around for seven decades and is guided by the notion of devotion to light as against darkness as its name “Bharat” signifies. The organization is a non-governmental body touching lives through its projects but it is more than that. Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust is like a country. It is a close-knitted family and a really large one that continues to expand. The success of SBP is tied to the impact that it makes, one life at a time. The SBP family recognizes that despite the advancement that the world currently enjoys, darkness still prevails. It is darkness for people to go hungry, be unable to afford the basic things of life, be discriminated against, and be unable to access opportunities to advance their lives. By enmeshing itself deeply into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SBP 1-17, this endless family has been able to shine the light in these dark areas of society and of human experience. Everyone at SBP is dedicated to making human existence worth it by devoting themselves to the advancement of their communities, their regions, and their countries. At SBP, the lovely team is tackling the major issues bedeviling society and is achieving success in doing so. Their work is an excellent example of revolutionizing society and the human experience through passion, commitment, hard work, and persistence.
SBP attends to the welfare of four countries and has established its roots in more than fifty countries of the world through its ambassadors. SBP creates impact through its projects. These projects include E Village, Gau Gram, Youth development, Namani Gange, Anna Data, Rashtriya Lakshaya, NextGen Awards, Institution, Handicapped Welfare, Sports Art and Culture, Population Control, Indian Art and Culture, Entrepreneurship, Youth Parliament, and National Medical Care. SBP carries out its social service projects in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. Every member of the SBP team believes strongly that they can change the world by enhancing humanity. By giving a helping hand and delivering hope, we can make the world a better place. This tireless commitment to human advancement has led the SBP team to complete five hundred and twenty-one projects and help more than one million people. While the pandemic was in its toughest moments and offsetting the lives of many people, the team at SBP surmounted the challenges presented and provided relief to the needy through the COVID19 Relief Fundraising forty-four thousand Indian currency in the process. The smile that the projects ignite is fuel for keeping the SBP team moving. SBP supports the community and continues to push for that awesome future for India and for the world. A golden India is possible but then the entire world could be golden by becoming a place where everyone is safe, healthy, and comfortable. The SBP team sees a world that is free of discrimination and violence, and they are working tirelessly to get humanity a little closer to that vision with each day.
In his role as Chairman of SBP since 2016, Peeyush Pandit has established several milestones. He is responsible for liaising closely with statutory and independent agencies to ensure that the complex needs that SBP focuses on are met. Spectacular among the achievements recorded under Peeyush’s leadership is the fact that Swarna Bharat Parivaar has enjoyed tremendous growth in a few years, and has made a mark in the media within this period. 

Help India Help Foundation was founded by Dandi Swami Ji and Peeyush Pandit. It operates with the single-minded focus of empowering rural India. It seeks to achieve this empowerment through best practices, modern technology, and its core values of corporate thinking, accountability, and global best practices.
Help India Help Foundation has a unique philosophy that states that the country and its people cannot rise to its true potential without a fundamental transformation in the lives of rural India. The team believes that the partnership of rural India with corporate India, urban India, government, and other foundations are the key to creating a permanent and irreversible change.
The foundation continues to push for the highest standards of corporate governance in a bid to create a model of sustainable development. The Help India Help Foundation forms partnerships with corporate bodies, NGOs, and the government to achieve its goals. It has continued to create a significant impact on India with its projects. 

The E-Village was established in 2012 to reinforce India’s roots in villages and villagers. The aim of the E-Village is to create a close-knitted family but more than that, it was created to make technology accessible for all members of the village. The organization was initially a part of the Help India Help Foundation but is now a part of Peeyush Group and Swarna Bharat Parivaar. These two form the base for the E-Village.
The project of the E-Village is dynamic, marked by consistent change, and open to progressive ideas. The organization strives hard to ensure data and network connectivity across the village thereby giving the inhabitants access to a world of information. The innovators at this digital village believe that by following the direction of the rest of the world and enabling easy access to technology, it is possible to bring about tremendous change in governance, agriculture, and education. When you think about farmers being able to get updates on the weather, agricultural products, and new harvesting methods, you will better understand the impact that the E-Village aims to create. Right now, it is achieving that and the digital villagers are able to access information in real-time without having to think about it. Now, isn’t that innovative? This innovation is what drives the E-Village and all the other projects under the watch of Peeyush Pandit. He is constantly working to use innovation to bring about groundbreaking changes that are driven by the United Nations SDGs.

At the crux of Peeyush’s work is the youth. He believes that youth empowerment is closely aligned with social service. After all, if we are going to recruit people to make an impact and improve their societies, we will have to include the youth. It becomes important to develop the youth and to make sure that they are empowered. Peeyush recognizes this and has set out through the SDGs to achieve this goal. Understanding this is crucial to understanding his entrepreneurial journey.
Peeyush is the CEO of Peeyush Group. The organization covers several industries including renewable energy, logistics, real estate, and so on. It has established itself in these industries and is leading the market because of its consistent drive for providing quality products and creating customer loyalty. Peeyush Group emphasizes the need to begin now to create tomorrow’s entrepreneur. This is one of their core values as industry leaders. They are striving to create sustainability and secure tomorrow by empowering the youth and promoting entrepreneurship.
Peeyush Pandit has succeeded in scaling the growth of these organizations and his work has taken them to the multinational level. They are a name in the market providing the best products and services in their industries. Peeyush Group has been around for over two decades but continues to adapt to the changing market environment under the leadership of Peeyush Pandit. This company has attained an industry leader status because of Peeyush’s commitment to providing quality and exceeding customers’ expectations. Just like Help India Help Foundation, E-Village, and SBP, this organization combines its values with modern technology to carry out its projects.

Needless to say that his vast scope of work has provided him with the exposure, expertise, and experience to succeed in almost any field. Peeyush is able to form and sustain positive relationships with people. He is able to work at resolving complex issues, a skill that is important for social work.
He has received a plethora of awards and recognitions in acknowledgment of his contributions to social work. In 2018, he was recognized for his enormous contributions to society with India’s Great Leader Award. This award was in recognition of his social work and youth empowerment efforts. His work speaks for itself and tells of someone who is passionate about the welfare of others. At Miles Ahead, one of his numerous non-governmental organizations, he works with an amazing team to assist special students and make them feel loved.
Peeyush’s enormous contributions to India paved his way into the India Star Book of Records in 2019. His other awards include GTF World Summit 2019, Bangkok 2019, Volunteer Hero from the iVolunteer Awards 2019, Awadh Samman Samaroh 2018, Blood Donation Award from the Rotary Club of New Delhi, Environmental Sentinel Award from the Green Care Society, Yuva Gaurav Samman for Youth Welfare, and Literature Confluence Award from Poet HUM TUM.

Peeyush Pandit believes in the philosophy of growing together. His slogan is “Let’s Grow Together,” and “Creating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur.” He has the vision to create a society that is based on freedom, equality, solidarity, diversity, and fairness. Peeyush believes that by pushing to attain this and anchoring the journey on these values, it is possible to make India “Sone Ki Chiriya.” Peeyush’s core values that guide his work including his professional life, his social work, and his political activism include inclusiveness, quality, originality, integrity, and transparency. Peeyush runs the organizations that he heads with these values. The endless family in his teams welcome all people and oppose discrimination. They prioritize quality by ensuring that their work meets the highest ethical standards of accuracy and thoroughness. They implement non-traditional approaches to address the root causes of societal problems. They also leave their operations and decision making processes open to scrutiny.
Peeyush Pandit is working outside the box with innovative ideas aimed at making India and the rest of the world a better place to live in. He executes his projects with phenomenal energy. He is able to define his goals precisely and can easily distinguish between what he needs at any point in time and what he can do without. He always evaluates the importance of projects and the feasibility of their execution before he embarks on them. This meticulousness is what makes him always successful with projects even in the presence of the most daring obstacles. He is always ready to speak up when the need arises and is always keen to participate in Live Debates, Rallies, Press Conference, Visits, and Seminars. Peeyush Pandit is a dynamic and enthusiastic person who continues to attain milestones in his personal, political, social, and professional life. He has left footprints in different states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi/NCR, and various districts like Kaushambhi, Gazipur, Raibarelli, Sultanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Pratapgarh, Allahabad, Barabanki, Kanpur, Sant Kabir Nagar, and Purvanchali people of Delhi. Peeyush has a strong influence on these areas and is able to work as a game-changer. He is passionate about seeing India changing and growing, and this is reflected in his work. Indeed, he received recognition for this when he was awarded the “India’s Great Leader Award 2018,” and “Awadh Samman Samaroh 2018.”
Perhaps, the most touching aspect of Peeyush’s social work is the fact that he pays a visit to every person who seeks the support of Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust. Peeyush is consumed by the drive to do more. He is consumed by the desire to create change and continues to put in the work required. In the past ten years, he has continued to make a tremendous impact as chairman of Help India Help Foundation (HIHF), and Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust (SBP) in his effort to eradicate gruesome evils from society. 

Peeyush believes that when we work together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. He always emphasizes that to make an impact in life, we must follow our passions, and we must do all that it takes. Pour all your energy into work that makes a mark and changes society by touching lives, one person at a time.