In today’s competitive global economy, internships in Madrid are a high-value differentiator for any resume. Our program offers a unique opportunity to gain essential professional experience and industry exposure while immersing yourself in a global city. Interning in Madrid will enable you to demonstrate independence, ambition, drive, language skills, and an impressive cultural awareness to future employers.Madrid is a hub for architecture, business, engineering, human resources and technology. Our Madrid internship program offers successful applicants the chance to gain new skills and invaluable professional experience in one of the most important cities in Europe. The internship opportunities are countless in Spain’s capital. Our Madrid internship program will make you stand out in competitive job markets around the world. .

Whether you’re a gap year student, a recent graduate or a college student seeking a summer internship, we offer internship placements for candidates at all stages of their academic or professional career. Our programs range from six weeks to six months and we offer start dates every month throughout the year in Madrid. Internship experience will boost your resume, whatever the duration. Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies, it must be noted that our Madrid internship program is selective.

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Life as an intern in Madrid


Why do an internship in Madrid?

Madrid is a city of contradictions: bursting at the seams with modernity and business while still holding on to its strong historical and cultural roots. It offers everything you’d expect of a capital city, but with the safety and proximity of a small town. After just a few weeks, you have the luxury of feeling at home, while still knowing there’s more to explore.Madrid is the capital of business, culture, cuisine and nightlife. World-renowned museums, fine art, award-winning restaurants, compelling theater, multi-storey nightclubs and incredible live music fill the Spanish capital. Madrileños have perfected the lifestyle of work hard and play harder, and are famous for being fun, welcoming and kind.



While there is no reason to leave Madrid, it is the gateway to the rest of Spain, with its high-speed railway and modern highways, you can be skiing in the Madrid Mountains or sunbathing on the beaches of Valencia or Málaga in a couple of hours. Madrid encourages all visitors to go and explore everything that Spain has to offer and it is also within easy reach of other European capitals. As an intern in Madrid you really do get the best of all worlds: the educational and unparalleled cultural experience and the chance to develop your Spanish language skills.