International law internships are ideal for those considering law school, those in law school, and graduates of law school. We offer first-class, hands-on international law internships in legal firms, companies, and also altruistic roles in NGOs.As a law intern, you will support and learn from top industry professionals with work that includes going to client meetings, case management and legal research.Our interns can also take on roles in many of the fields within criminal justice, including advocacy, psychology, research, and law. Depending on your professional and academic background, you may already know exactly which area of the field interests you most.

Our alumni have interned at 1000+ organizations including:


Our partner companies will prepare you with important skills that will set you apart from others. In our Madrid program, we are proud to have placed interns at Grant Thornton to focus on Corporate Law. In Colombia, we have offered outstanding candidates the opportunity to work directly in the government and congress. In our Hong Kong program we have previously placed interns in a leading Legal and Compliance company, Red Flag.

Responsibilities may include


    Researching and reporting on previous case studies and legislation
    Assisting with preparation for trials, hearings and depositions
    Attending client meetings and assisting with clerical work

Virtual/Remote Law Internships

Have you considered completing a global law internship in your chosen destination from the comfort of your own home? Destinations include London, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, California, Toronto, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok and Australia. Our global online internship program includes a flexible law internship, best-in-class career advancement training and three-month access to exclusive, real time keynote career talks from global business leaders. Find out more about our global virtual internship programs here.

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Living in London and interning here has taught me that I am a very adaptable person. I’ve decided that I want to join a touring company and travel around the world


Featured law internships

International law internships in Colombia

International legal internships in Colombia allow aspiring lawyers to develop unique insights into the global legal field, as well as regional expertise in Latin America

Virtual Legal Internships

Virtual legal internships are the perfect introduction to the competitive legal field. Interns develop the skills and contacts for a successful career.

International law internships in Dublin

International legal internships in Dublin allow young professionals to develop unique insight into the European legal system, and participate in cases relating to the region’s most pressing legal issues.


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Applying for IIU will put you in contact with an Admissions Officer. Through your interview and application, we will learn about your background and future career goals to determine if you are a good candidate for an international internship. If accepted into our program we guarantee you an internship in your approved career field. You will work with our Placement Team throughout the process and get ready to go abroad.