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Remarkable Education is a premier career counseling company headquartered in Jodhpur with presence in Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, & Singapore. Remarkable Education was incepted in the year 2016, at RE we are passionate to satiate the ever-increasing need in our country to ascertain the most appropriate career roadmap for students in India where we struggle to bridge the counselling-deficit in the education sector.It is our mission to revolutionize the traditional field of Career Counselling by reinventing thelandscape. Our recent intervention, “AI Remarkable” an Artificial Intelligence based sophisticated Collaboration tool is a symbiotic program to build a robust eco-system for career development and guidance for schools and other education establishments in India.


Counselling Support

Meet our seasoned and professionally trained experts. Our career counselling services are tailored to meet
specific needs and decrease any feelings of anxiety, guilt held inside an individual. We can help stop feeling stuck and together we will help uncover passion. Our focus is individual’s success. Our experts take time to listen in total confidentiality,  understand goals and work alongside.

Virtual Counselling

We offer virtual counselling sessions to our students; these online sessions are a replacement for in-person  office visits. Our services are designed to overcome  student inhibitions. Accessible and convenient, we use a secure platform to protect the information. Our counsellors assure the same quality services was one is to meet us in person.

Psychometric Test

Online Psychometric tests for career guidance act as  tools of self-exploration, awareness, and the fundamental  point of reference for Career Counselling. Developed by Psychologists with experience in
personality and cognitive ability assessments.

Ideal Career Test

Designed to reduce and remove confusion, this  assessment measures who you are and matches you
against several aspects of what would make an ideal career for you.

Stream Selector

This Psychometric test is specifically designed to help answer the most important question “What should one do after Class 10?” It targets logical reasoning and determines strengths and weaknesses to help figure out abilities required to choose the best suitable stream  backed with data.

Skill-based Career Test

This test can give you concrete ideas about what you may be designed to do. The results can encourage
you to look at jobs or industries one may not have considered before.

VAdmission Guidance

We provide step by step admission guidance to students and their parents. We ensure that every effort is put in to understand the student’s needs. In the light of one’s scholastic capabilities, background, vocation and objectives, our counsellors are always there to assist. Our subject matter expertise in the field of career counselling establishes a link between renowned educational institutions, Prestigious Indian Colleges, Emerging Private Universities to Top International Universities. We offer a slew of services such as Scholarship guidance, Admission guidance and organize Workshops, Seminars, International Cultural exchange programs, Careers unplugged™ (an annual event) and Providing affiliation for  degree programs from renowned National & International Universities, all consolidated under one roof.

Admission Services

Generally, parents and students get so focused on writing the exams that they hardly have any time to
keep up with the actions related to the intake of the forthcoming academic year. Different International
Universities have their time lines to invite admissions and if the students want to apply for multiple colleges then keeping up with the back and forth communication amidst the exams could break the concentration.
Our admission officers help the students stay on top of the admission related activities like commencement, dates to buy enrolment forms, submission dates, mandatory paperwork, last dates, visa processing, admission fees and much more. This saves a lot of time, effort, and disappointment.

We also provide coaching for our students for entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE etc.

Cultural Exchange Program

We organize Talent exchange with International Schools and Universities. Students from both countries exchange a lot more than the obvious. It is noted that such exposures come in handy when one is presented with a choice to pursue higher studies at home or abroad.

Scholarship Guidance

There are far more scholarships provided by various Trusts and Varsities around the globe. Every year many meritorious students lose out on excellent scholarships due to their limited visibility to the many platforms which offer scholarships. We bridge the gap and provide exhaustive information on qualification criterion as well as prerequisites for  the various scholarships established worldwide so
that students can qualify and benefit.



Careers Unplugged is a high impact, great value annual event designed to present a fair education opportunity by exploring a market of a large potential pool of National and International Universities.
Careers Unplugged is a cost-effective summit for students who are interested in pursuing education
in India and abroad. Students who want to pursue education abroad and quality education at home
can score opportunities under one roof. It is a convenient opportunity to all the students where they
find guidance by certified career counsellors, National and International University delegates, and our
esteemed speakers from the field of career and education.




Founder & CEO, Award Winning Career Coach from University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Educationist I Entrepreneur I Professional Speake



18+ years of experience in counseling students, PhD in Clinical Psychology. Worked at IIT, NIFT & many more prestigious institutions of Ind



State Vice President at WICCI – Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 28+ Years experience in management, teaching administration



40+ Years experience Professor in Psychology and director of prestigious universities in Jodhpur. His subjects are Mental Retardation, Menta


An Entrepreneur, Educationist, Public speaker, Mentor, Career Coach and Counsellor, Brand planner and Strategist,Social Activist, an Artist, Leader, Art Curator, Certified Pilot, Tarot card reader and so much more.A highly motivated entrepreneur with focus on providing distinguished services in emerging markets with special focus on Girl child education and Women empowerment. She is the State President, Rajasthan– Elementary Dr. Gaur has over 11 years of rich experience as a businesswoman, mentor, and teacher. She is a highly motivated entrepreneur with focus on providing distinguished services in emerging markets. Dr. Gaur has her master’s degree in Visual Communication with specialization in Branding from the Birmingham City University, UK. She is a certified Career Counsellor from the University of California, Los Angeles USA and a Green Belt in Global Career Counselling (certification with distinction) from Univariety, Singapore.On the 72nd Republic day of India she is recognized as one among 101 most Inspiring Women of India with Naari Shakti Samman-2021 for her distinct contribution in the field of education by Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust.Recently Dr. Gaur appeared on Shiksha Jagat, a weekly talk show aired on Doordarshan. She was interviewed on the Importance and necessity of Girl child education and Women empowerment and entrepreneurship in today’s times.Dr. Gaur was recognized as one of the leading 30 Women Entrepreneurs by ‘WE Connect’ International ‘s India chapter. Her start-up Remarkable Education was incubated, studied, and mentored by Launchpad an IIM Bangalore She is often quoted, interviewed, and mentioned by the News Papers and digital media on matters related to initiative
to teach and assist women entrepreneurs with nuances of Start-up Business. Education and Women entrepreneurship and Empowerment.In the words of Dr. Gaur, at Remarkable Education, we are committed to replace the conventional idea of choosing a career with creating one on your own. We help design careers by “choice not by chance” Dr. Gaur is confident that quality career counselling will become the norm soon.


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