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About Us

Nation’s Future Depend on Students, the Youths

Peeyush Pandit believes in Service with Pride, Lead with Confidence, and be Inspired to impact Lives. Student Council is a group of students elected by their peers to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities etc. A student council is a curricular or extracurricular activity for students within elementary and secondary schools around the world. A Student Council is a group of elected and volunteer students working together with an adult advisor within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to provide a means for student expression and assistance in school affairs and activities, give opportunities for student experience in leadership, and encourage student community relations. A student council is a group of student leaders who work with an adult advisor to collaborate with others to impact their school community, which impacts their city or town, which impacts our state, which impacts our country, which changes the world. Peyush Pandit believes that the student council helps to share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals. He through IIU International Student Development Council help raise funds for school/ college-wise activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need, and school reform. Most schools participate in food drives, fundraisers, and parties. Many members learn skills that were an extension of their formal education. Student councils operate in many forms. The structure of the student council various from institution to institution. Peeyush Pandit provides a forum for student opinions, interests, and desires so these may be understood by the entire student body, faculty, administration, and community honestly reflecting and interpreting the student viewpoint.Peeyush Pandit believes in Together we can, we should, and we will achieve the dreams that every student of the globe should have….

  • Safe, healthy, and stable places to live, learn and work. 
  • Healthcare services at a moderate rate.
  • Opportunities to acquire primary, secondary and higher education along with training, life skills development, and to succeed in jobs, careers, self-sufficiency, and adulthood. 
  • Thrives throughout developmental phases such as early and middle childhood, adolescence, and younth.

Peeyush Pandit strives hard to embrace ideas, cultures, and connections from every corner of the world making different views and opinions a source of inspiration that enrich every member of our community. He says values such as

·         Leadership

  • Collective knowledge and experience to guide others.

·         Challenges for ourselves and others

  • Dignity
  • Intercultural perspectives.

·         Diversity …. will help the members of IIU-SDC to prosper

Peeyush Pandit says together we will achieve more. We should inspire each other to expand our minds and perspectives, always striving to explore new ideas and innovations for the betterment of the world.


  • To initiate, implement, and complete projects and activities which will be of help to the school, the students, the faculty, the administration, and the community. 
  • To develop and provide opportunities for leadership and service in the local school and the community. 
  • To encourage the personal growth of leaders through participation in district, state, and national meetings and organizations. 
  • To provide a living workshop of democratic processes, through such activities as elections, participation in a constitutional representative assembly, etc. 
  • To contribute to the educational experiences of students by providing them with a positive involvement in the school, with widened areas of responsibilities, and with more direct participation in organizing and implementing activities. 
  • To promote respect for law and order and the general welfare of the school and community. 
  • To promote an awareness of human relations, of power structures, and how one effectively operates within them. These objectives are realistically approached through increasing avenues of cooperation among the administration, faculty, and students.
  • To provide a viable means for student expression and an increasing amount of self-direction. 
  • To improve understanding between and within groups through interaction and communications. 
  • To develop student potential and encourage to make a well-informed, honest, interested, and active citizenship. 
  • To develop not only leadership abilities within the students but also leadership for the community, state, and nation of tomorrow. In this process, it is also the objective to develop an awareness of good leadership qualities, hopefully, for a more informed, concerned, and active citizenry of tomorrow. 
  • To increase student involvement and school pride.


The Vision of the IIU International Student Development Council is to promote a sense of community within the school, act as a voice for students with the administration, provide community service, and raise funds for charitable causes and school improvements. Its purpose is to collaborate with teachers and administrators to improve student life and provide students with valuable learning experiences. Student Council gives students a voice in determining school issues and ideas for solutions.


Peeyush Pandit the visionary, is on a mission to develop responsible leaders within school and community, through IIU Student Development Council. He believes in nurturing self-esteem, pride, and leadership qualities within Student Council Representatives through IIU-SDC, Students will accomplish the Student Council Mission through leading by example in classrooms and community by being respectful, responsible, and safe.

The mission of IIU-SDC is

  • Contributing to the total educational growth of all students in the school.
  • Encouraging the highest standards of scholarship and positive student involvement in learning and thinking.
  • Providing experience in genuine problem-solving procedures.
  • Aiming at training and experiences in the skills and techniques of good citizenship and leadership to prepare articulate citizens and leaders for a progressing society
  • Avoiding the commercial or cultural exploitation of students
  • Coordinating with schools to sponsor student activities.
  • Promoting opportunities for leadership among IIU-SDC members.
  • Supporting students in solving relevant school problems
  • Creating pleasant relationships among the school faculties, administration, student body, and hence the community.
  • Communicating purposes, activities, and the other elements of school life through various social media to the entire world.
  • Enabling students to realize the intellect and dignity of each individual of this globe.
  • Sparking school loyalty, pride, patriotism, and individual student development and growth for a better future.
  • Helping students to earn and protect individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Selecting projects and activities for the betterment of the school community
  • Giving students deeper reasons for attending school and the inducement for developing commitments to worthy goals
  • Helping each student on this globe to reach maximum educational growth and development


IIU Student Council is working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. The vision of Peeyush Pandit is to inspire the development of students all over the globe through high-quality international education by connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from every corner of the world.



Our Projects

  • Meaningful, purpose-oriented activities
  • Law and Order to this democratic society 
  • Personality Development
  • Promote citizenship
  • Promote scholarship
  • Programs to develop Cultural Values
  • Public Speaking
  • Self-respect 
  • Good citizenship 
  • Leadership Development
  • Scholarship
  • Internship

·         Human Relations

  • Training Programs
  • Community Service
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Neighbourhood Youth Centres
  • After-school/college Activities
  • Health, Moral, and Education would be improved with the overall goal of ensuring future Self-Sufficiency
  • Internship Apprenticeships
  • Eradicating Poverty
  • No Hunger
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Women Empowerment
  • Anti-Tobacco Drives
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability
  • Knowledge Exchange Programs
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Gender Equality
  • Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy and Resources
  • Plan community projects reflecting community and global awareness.
  • Promote the values that represent good character in all students!
  • School spirit
  • Mental Health and Well-Being

Founder’s Thought

A committed and inspiring Social Activist, a passionate Educationist from the last two decades, providing education to students from various social and cultural backgrounds, possessing excellent administrative, verbal communication, and written skills. He is a NextGen Speaker and, passionate Writer. The versatile, Peeyush Pandit is the founder of Swarna Bharat Parivar and Chairman of Peeyush Group. The multitalented personality created the Indian-E -Village. He runs an NGO that has rendered its services for the welfare of society. The visionary, Peeyush Pandit had just one dream, no child should be deprived of education. He is working towards it day and night. He is safeguarding and promoting education and well-being of learners at all times of life, managing not only students but also their parents all to promote and reinforce a student’s independence and self-esteem. Peeyush Pandit always has the urge to give free education to all. His vision is, to take Education to Students and not Students to Education, which will lead to the betterment of society. Peeyush Pandit concocts the World’s first Virtual Internship University during a pandemic, the International Internship University, the IIU. He is the Founder of IIU. International Internship University (IIU), is building a better and brighter future for all young learners and is committed to providing better and virtual education to all the young learners of the globe. International Internship University, is the first global virtual university offering quality, accessible, and location-independent education around in all areas. International Internship University (IIU) is committed to providing exclusively free education to all the students and the youth of this world under this global hub. The dream of Peeyush Pandit is to enhance knowledge and provide opportunities for students of the world to develop their entrepreneurial skills. He works hard to inspire and empower students interested in entrepreneurship. He believes that education should reach every student though coming from different backgrounds. Peeyush Pandit believes in integrating the talents of women entrepreneurs with diverse interests to take risks and develop a new venture of earnings. Peeyush Pandit, the founder of IIU Student Development Council works on the overall holistic growth and development of students globally to build their skills and steer them in the right direction so that they are recognized and utilized well to create a sustainable, meaningful existence of substance. Peeyush Pandit is working 24 by 7 for the development and growth of the youth members of IIU-ISDC all over the world. He wants to change the way the world views the youths, the pioneers, inventors, and leaders of the future. Peeyush Pandit is committed to a complete makeover of the youths of the globe with the help of counselling programs and training sessions on leadership, legal education, lifelong education, entrepreneurship, health and hygiene, public interactions, soft skills, wellness, and rejuvenation, languages, culture, visual and performing arts, parenting and multitasking productively are undertaken with enthusiasm. Peeyush Pandit strongly believes that youth of IIU-IYDC should meet their counterparts across the globe to broaden their horizons of knowledge understand cultural perspectives and assimilate the best practices to incorporate in their lives thereby enhancing the flavour of living a life of dynamism, power, and economic fulfilment to leave a mark and legacy for posterity. He feels that the confidence of students all over the globe should be boosted and an unstoppable spirit should prevail.