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Our events and hospitality internships abroad offer first class experiences in some of the most distinguished destinations and companies in the world.

Our alumni have interned at 1000+ organizations including:


Our hospitality internships abroad can be in hotels or event planning companies. For those interested specifically in events, we have event planning internships in event management, marketing, and customer service. If you have ever thought of working for a top hotel, resort, luxury tourism company or at a major international event, one of our internships will be the perfect match for you.We place our talented participants with first class organizations in all of our program destinations, and have previously placed interns with major international .

Responsibilities may include:


    Managing the agency’s website, running social media accounts and updating listings on referral websites
    Providing customer service when booking reservations and researching itineraries for customers
    Working closely with vendors on event planning tasks

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In school we learn about theory. It’s very interesting but when you come into the office and there are real people in front of you, it’s a very different task. This experience has taught me the values I want to keep as a business woman going into my job


Featured hospitality, events & tourism internships

International hospitality, events & tourism internships in Bangkok

An international hospitality internship in Bangkok allows young professionals to be immersed in the international sector of the industry, while gaining a new and unique perspective on their field.

Remote Event Planning Internships

Remote event planning internships are the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an exciting and dynamic career field.

International hospitality, events & tourism internships in Madrid

An international hospitality internship in Madrid provides interns a chance to launch a career in one of Europe’s premier destinations, while learning or perfecting Spanish language skills, which are incredibly valuable in the industry.


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