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We offer international government internships in some of the most exciting parts of the world.For someone interested in government and politics it does not get bigger than this. Exposure to international governments will give you a boost for your future career in politics. You will also stand out as a candidate with unique experiences.

Our alumni have interned at 1000+ organizations including:


Be it working on trade policy in Latin America with the Colombian Government or conducting research for a leading political party in Madrid, we have a multitude of leading international government internships across the globe for our most talented participants.Our international government and politics internships will equip you with all the necessary skills to prepare yourself for a future career. By working under professionals in our partner organizations you will take your knowledge far beyond the classroom and learn an immeasurable amount from all the fantastic opportunities that they offer.Government & politics is one of our strongest fields and we are proud to count the Government of Colombia as our official partner. We have a wide variety of internships available within the Colombian government and place talented international interns in the sector of their interest & expertise including: Environmental policy, Trade & finance, Culture, Education, Public policy, Public health, Public works & Transport policy, Marginalized communities and Human Resources. Boost your resume by working for an international government.We are extremely proud to offer this fantastic opportunity. Our international government internships will give you the skills necessary to excel in your future career.

Responsibilities may include


    Event planning, campaigning and community outreach
    Conducting voter demographic and social issue research
    Writing blogs and creating digital and print content

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The highlights of the internship? I can’t possibly pinpoint one. Everything was extraordinary! The people I worked with, the work ethic, the values, the whole structure of work. Everything was so great


Featured government & politics internships

International government & politics internships in London

International government internships in London offer the type of experience that sets you far apart from the competition, by showing future employers a truly global perspective and understanding of international political systems.

Remote Government Internships

Remote government internships are a unique opportunity to develop essential contacts and skills for a career dedicated to public service.

International government & politics internships in Shanghai

For anyone looking to gain competitive experience in international politics, international government internships in Shanghai are an incredible way to gain insight into mainland Chinese politics


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