Equipped resourceful online library

online library

In this age of technology, relying simply on mainstream methods is not the best approach if you want your students to receive the best education they want. We at international internship university desire nothing but our students receive the best possible education they can get. 

Keeping this in mind, we have utilized our resources into having a digital library. Accessible to all students, the amount of books and information stacked up into this digital library is amazing.

With the addition of an online library, we believe our students can look up any queries they have and refer to any book they want at the tip of their finger, right here in the campus.

When constructing the digital library, what we had in mind for our students was that, they should be able to conduct their resource work, read texts, work on assignments, acquire more knowledge and expand their perspective on a subject through this online library.

The online library packs a ton of resources and info and it solves the problem that happen in a normal library. Like running out of a certain copy of a book or not finding the updated version of a textbook for a subject.

A 100% Online Education

Online education or distance education is also offered by the iiu for students who wish to complete a course via distance learning. These education programs are done through the internet and is available for a variety of courses offered by us. Distance learning has become more popular over the years as it allows you to complete a course through online learning without having to face the hassle of actually coming to college. 

This is why we have extensive programs for students who wish to complete their courses through distance learning. We offer well equipped online classrooms with high quality education so that you won’t miss out on anything. Work and other study materials are usually shared online through images, videos or text format.

With an internet connection, anybody who is interested in completing a course through distance education can do so with our online learning programs that offer high quality education.