We offer international entrepreneurship internships in some of the most exciting start-ups in the world, in sectors including finance, green energy, technology, logistics and social entrepreneurship.

Our alumni have interned at 1000+ organizations including:


An international internship experience in entrepreneurship is an excellent crash-course for anyone considering a career in the business world. We offer international entrepreneurship internships in some of today’s most exciting start-ups, in sectors including finance, green energy, technology, logistics and social entrepreneurship. Marketing internships can also be done for a start-up organization.
As we ourselves are winners of the Entrepreneurship Competition at the 2012 Summit of the Americas, (attended by Heads of State including Barack Obama,) our links are exceptionally strong in the start-up sector. Our internship programs in start-ups offer a very different career path from typical corporate careers, but offer some of the most exciting opportunities available for the most ambitious. We offer international entrepreneurship internships in all of our program destinations.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the catalyst that opens minds to creativity and innovation. Many of the biggest names in business started out small but are now recognized as some of the world’s most influential minds. In this day and age, the truest form of change occurs in the marketplace. Entrepreneurship provides social, economic, and environmental benefits by challenging the status quo. An international entrepreneurship internship will allow you to gain the analytical skills and inspiration you need by working alongside tomorrow’s business leaders. We offer summer internships as well as programs starting every month throughout the year in entrepreneurship.

Responsibilities may include:


    Client management, operations, sales, and guerilla/agile marketing tasks
    Creating promotional materials for merchandising, publishing and outreach
    Raising capital through accelerator programs, finding outside funders and sharpening pitch decks

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