Our Ireland internship program offers comprehensive professional development and cultural immersion. We offer summer internships as well as programs starting every month throughout the year in Dublin across all career fields. We are proud to partner with a range of leading companies and organizations.Coined “the Silicon Valley of Europe”, the city of Dublin is the proud home of the offices of many global technology giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and eBay, to name a few. There is no better destination if you’re looking for a leading technology internship. For those looking to pursue careers in the creative industry, Dublin is also a communications hub, with national television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines scattered throughout the city. Given Dublin’s reputation and popularity amongst world travelers, tourism is also a popular sector. Dublin’s diverse economy truly has something for everybody whether you’re a business intern, a marketing intern or an engineering intern.

Whether you’re an undergraduate seeking a short-term summer internship or a recent graduate looking for a longer term internship, Dublin is the perfect place to gain experience in your field and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Gap year students can also benefit from an international internship. Dublin has something for everyone. Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies, it must be noted that our Ireland Internships program is selective.

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Life as an intern in Dublin


Why do a Dublin internship?

While Dublin is the beloved home to a quarter of Ireland’s population, this European capital city flaunts the familial atmosphere of an enormous village. Much of this aura can be attributed to the famously friendly locals and the historical energy that the city exudes. Exploring the cobble-stoned city is like walking through a 3D textbook, with British colonial architecture at every turn and the Easter Rising shrapnel holes still staining the walls. Join one of Europe’s most youthful capitals, where around 50% of “Dubliners” are under 25, and launch your career with like-minded and ambitious young people.


Wander the cobbled streets and be inspired by the hometown of Oscar Wilde and Nobel laureates William Butler Yeats and Samuel Beckett. With a track record like this, it seems only fair that UNESCO awarded it City of Literature. Meander in the Medieval Quarter and marvel at Dublin Castle. Stand in awe of the architecture in the Georgian district or head down to Silicon Docks to check out the modern art in the tech quarter. Be entertained by the buskers, day or night, on Grafton Street, right in the heart of the city. Whatever your hobbies, Dublin has a district tailored to you.


Dublin is a quaint capital. It proudly wears its history like a badge on a sash, displaying its war wounds as a symbol of the country’s strength and resilience. Its colonial past merely fuels its endeavor for greatness on the global stage today. Buzzing with the energy of revolution, Dublin is the catalyst for your career.