Volunteer with Dogs Abroad

Volunteer with dogs and do something for man’s best friend which are treated appallingly. Left to fend themselves on the streets of busy cities, too many of these poor creatures end up in animal shelters, rescue centers or sanctuaries. Give dogs the attention and care they deserve and help reverse this horrid trend. Volunteers with a veterinary background can gain invaluable work experience working in a veterinary practice or rehabilitation center. Help our canine friends get a second chance in life. Fascinating destinations are waiting for dog-loving volunteers: Support dog rescue centers in Costa Rica or Ecuador, down to Peru or over to Thailand.

Support a Cat and Dog Shelter

Help take care of street cats and dogs and support rescue activities in Costa Rica. Find a new home for helpless animals.

Thai Wildlife Rehabilitation & Care

The centre provides a sanctuary as close to their natural environment as possible with the best possible care. Some animals