Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

IIU aims at providing the best for their students, which is why we work along side many other industrial leaders to make our online degree programs better and enhance the quality of education for our students. 

Working alongside our corporate partners have helped us create more opportunities in achieving success for our students and also mentor them to polish their skills and mindset to further enhance their creativity and productivity. Our students get the best internship offers from top companies and this helps them experience real-life working situations to better prepare themselves for the future. If you want to experience what it takes to be successful in life, then iiu is the best place for you.

Foundation Partnerships

IIU was founded by a group of people who wanted to break the norm and focus on establishing an institution that improved the existing talents and skills of a student. Our foundation members aim at providing higher education to all students who seek it through online learning classes. Without having to compromise on any quality of teaching, our institution aims at enhancing the education received by our students.

Our foundation partners are also ready to offer any financial aid to students who require such financial aid to complete any online course. This is because we don’t want money to come as an issue between any of our students dream. Further more, we open up more doors of opportunities to our students through our various internship programs and campus selection.

Academic Partnerships

The iiu is an autonomous virtual university that wishes to offer the best quality educational programs to students who are interested in taking up any of our courses. We have an non-official tie up with the National Association, WEO. We hope to have similar tie ups with such reputed institutions in the future in hopes of providing even better facilities to our students.