Volunteer with Cats

Volunteer with cats and nurture our feline friends! Fight the battle against strays on the streets and do what it takes to keep cats off the streets where they are helpless and vulnerable. Cat and kitten lovers can get their fill of cuddles and purrs by helping out at one of the rescue centers. Give these cats the attention they are deprived of as you try to find a new suitable home for them. There are plenty of places to work with cats. Shelters from Albania to Chile or Costa Rica are looking for volunteers to reinforce their team and brighten the days of these forsaken creatures. An excellent international experience for future animal caretakers or veterinarians!

Support a Cat and Dog Shelter

Combine your passion for animals and desire to give back to society by improving the unfortunate situation of abandoned street animals

Dog and Cat Shelter Assistant

With our programs we aim to contribute towards international understanding and give our participants intercultural and global ability