Our internships in Germany offer comprehensive professional development for outstanding candidates from the world over. We are proud to partner with a range of leading companies and organizations across every career field in Berlin. If you are motivated and ambitious, this is the perfect place to grow your global network and boost your resume.Berlin is a hub for opportunities in entrepreneurship, technology, life sciences, media and music, marketing, design, environmental sciences, construction, hospitality and medical engineering. Those accepted to our internships in Berlin program have the chance to gain vital professional experience and industry exposure on a global level. Few things will make you stand out in a competitive job market more than gaining hands-on experience in your career field in a city like Berlin.While knowledge of the German language is a plus, English is very widely spoken and you will not have to worry, at all, about a language barrier. Whether you’re a college student looking for summer internships in Germany or a graduate seeking an internship to launch your career we offer a range of opportunities suited to your needs to help you realize your potential. Our internships in Berlin are available year-round, ranging from six weeks to six months.Due to the exclusivity of our host organizations it must be noted that our internships in Germany are selective.

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Life as an intern in Germany


Why intern in Berlin?

Berlin combines culture, creativity, history and nightlife into one incredible mix. Berlin culture boasts an eclectic mix of influences, as both an international and German city. Berlin is the host to cultural events of international importance throughout the year, including the Berlin Festival and Oktoberfest. The city’s fascinating and complex history is underlined in the many historical sites, monuments and museums to be found at almost every corner. Recently, the city has built an international name for itself as a hub for entrepreneurship – unique in its past and optimistic about its future, Berlin stands proud.
Germany is the largest European economy and the 3rd largest exporter in the world, after China and the United States. While business is booming, living in Germany means you are at the heart of European Intellectual history. With a long, rich, complex history, Germany is a historical gem and a land of poets and influential thinkers including Kant, Goethe, and Beethoven. Known for its beautiful landscapes, its central European location makes it a perfect base from which to explore other countries in mainland Europe.