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We offer leading photography, graphic design and art internships abroad. For those interested in international graphic design internships, we have outstanding roles with magazines, fashion companies and marketing agencies.Graphic design internships are the perfect opportunity to develop an impressive professional portfolio, make valuable connections, and launch a successful career in the creative world of design.also offer art internships abroad in galleries and photography internships in studios. All roles will provide you with a full range of hands-on tasks. These opportunities will allow you to work with top professionals in the industry and help you gain stand-out experience.

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Many young people aspire to a career in the creative field. Succeeding in the creative industry requires an ability to think outside the box and bring innovation and fresh ideas to the table. It’s about ideas and passion. Our program will supply you with the inspiration you need to succeed in this competitive industry. It will kick-start your career in these particular fields. An international internship will teach you about creative styles from all over the world, as well as give you valuable experience that is vital to stand out.We offer highly rewarding internships in art, photography and graphic design in all of our destinations. All of our opportunities will accelerate your career development.

Responsibilities may include:


    Creating print and digital promotional material using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
    Setting up studios, adjusting lighting and assisting with photoshoots or gallery expositions
    Liaising between marketing teams, printers, vendors and clients

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The team is amazing to work with and learn from. If I don’t know something, they’re very willing and open to help


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Online photography internships are a unique opportunity to launch a career in a competitive creative industry and build a professional global network.

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Remote graphic design internships are a great way to develop or hone technical design skills, find mentorship, and experience this exciting industry.


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Applying for IIU will put you in contact with an Admissions Officer. Through your interview and application, we will learn about your background and future career goals to determine if you are a good candidate for an international internship. If accepted into our program we guarantee you an internship in your approved career field. You will work with our Placement Team throughout the process and get ready to go abroad.