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International Internship University recognised as the world’s first internship university under the leadership of Dr. Peeyush Pandit, whose vision is to make education free of cost by providing proper internship facilities.
The first university in the world that keeps internship in its first priority.IIU has earned respect in the community. All of our systems are designed to improve employability and ensure that our graduates are well equipped to embark on their chosen career path at the end of their studies. International Internship University is looking to appoint Education Franchisees, Admission Centers and Counseling Centers in all major states.
Any individual/firm/company/group aspiring to own a franchise of IIU must have entrepreneurial mindset and knowledge of the academia industry. Willingness to follow the standards, system and procedure predetermined by IIU with regard to maintaining the quality of education and also have confidence in the ability of the school business. All Franchisees shall carry out all business activities relating to education extension and promotion of the said business in the specified area. IIU is always ready for your help or service in the betterment of education.

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