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In today’s unique, post-Covid job market, finding a full-time role after graduation can seem a daunting task. Now, more than ever, internships for college students are essential elements of career preparation. Hands-on experience is just as important as coursework for those looking to make a smooth transition into the global workforce.An internship is the perfect opportunity to explore future career options, and to begin to build both a portfolio and a professional network. We offer both remote and in-person college internships, designed to align with a job market that is increasingly diverse.

Entering a unique job market

For many university graduates, it can take several years to build up a strong CV or resume. Of course, the more professional experience you have to complement your degree, the more valuable you are to potential employers. Those who complete internships, whether remote or in an office, while still in university are a step ahead of the competition, and have CVs that boast the professional experience so many recent graduates lack.These placements show hiring managers that you are both motivated and organized, and can thrive in a professional setting. Virtual college internships are also perfect for those hoping to pursue a location-independent career in the future. If you’ve ever dreamed of working remotely or working abroad, it’s never too early to start down that path!

Benefits of remote college internships

  1. Flexibility

    We know that university students have incredibly busy schedules, including everything from classes and clubs to sports and volunteering. A virtual internship is the perfect opportunity for the busy university student to gain professional experience. We offer full-time and part-time online placements during both the summer and throughout the school year, with start dates every month. Our flexible program caters to all schedules and availability, ensuring even the busiest students can prepare for their future careers.

  2. Essential skill development

    Interns who complete global remote internships are equipped for remote and international careers. Each placement is designed to ensure college students and graduates have the foundational competencies to be successful in today’s global marketplace. Interns take part in our Career Advancement Training, which is built around the eight skills that the National Association of Colleges and Employers identified as essential for a 21st century career.

  3. Develop a network

    When  it comes  to finding a full-time role, your network is your net worth! The professional connections made during college internships are incredibly valuable. Ambitious college students are able to transition easily into full-time roles, with the help of excellent references and letters of recommendation. No matter which career field you pursue, a strong network is key to progressing professionally. Interns find both inspiration and guidance in industry experts. In addition to their mentors and managers, college students meet a global community of interns from around the world, through breakouts in our Keynote Speaker Sessions, peer groups in our Career Advancement Training, and remote networking events.

  4. Career coaching

    Career success coaching is one of the foundational elements of our remote program Each college student in our program has the opportunity to meet individually with a professional career coach, to provide guidance on next steps. Our expert coaches specialize in reviewing resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, personal branding, and more.

Career readiness

Career readiness in today’s economic climate may look different than it has in previous years. College internships provide several foundational skills required for a successful career in any field, no matter the job market. Regardless of your area of study or the industry you hope to enter, potential employers look for applicants who can hit the ground running, are able to learn quickly and work efficiently.The competitive placements in all of our career fields ensure students develop confidence and professional poise, allowing them to thrive in any environment. Those who complete internships during college enter the workforce with the knowledge they have successfully applied their knowledge in professional settings, and without the uncertainty that plagues many recent grads.Of course, interns also develop skills in public speaking and giving presentations, two essential abilities in any role. They problem solve, and develop creative solutions that make them valuable members of the teams they join as well as outstanding applicants for full-time roles.

Can I get academic credit for a virtual internship?

Many college students are able to gain academic credit for their professional internships. Those who are  interested should start by speaking directly with their academic advisor. If your school does grant credit for internships, be sure to ask for a list of their requirements, including rules regarding the number of hours you need to complete.

While it is generally simpler and more common to gain credit from your own school, we also partner with Florida A&M University to offer a transcript option. This may allow you to transfer credit to your home institution

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Life at a university or college internship

·  How long are internships for college students?

We offer customizable placements ranging from 4 weeks up to 6 months. The ideal length for you may depend on the time of year you’re hoping to pursue an internship. Many college students pursue placements of around 2 months during the summer holidays, shorter placements during winter holidays, or virtual or part-time placements during the school year.


·  Can I get financial aid?

We offer a variety of options for need-based and merit-based aid, including a $500 discount for anyone who receives the Pell Grant. We also offer discounts for students at many of our partner universities. Check out our financing page to find out which grants and scholarships you may be eligible for.


·  Can I get academic credit for my internship program with IIU?

Only your academic advisor can answer this question. Start with Step 1 of the 5-step process above, and proceed from there. If you have questions for IIU regarding our School of Record options,


·  When should I apply?

While we accept applicants on a rolling basis, we encourage all applicants to apply no later than 3 months before your desired start date. The earlier the better! We offer internships year-round, with regular monthly start dates. Speak with an admissions officer about the best start date for you.