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In today’s economic climate, students and young professionals face unique challenges, and have unique opportunities. In a post-Covid job market, nothing is more important than hands-on experience. Equally important for career success are technological fluency and global sensitivity, as top companies and organizations expand to hire remote employees around the world.Internships for high school students offer a unique opportunity to get a head start when it comes to gaining professional experience. Hands-on training in any industry equips students with skills and background to ensure they stand out from the crowd, whether they’re applying to university, a job, or a competitive gap year program.For curious, motivated students, we offer both remote and in-person placements. Whether you’re looking to travel abroad or experience the flexibility of remote work, high school internships are a great way to narrow academic interests and boost future applications.

Benefits of a remote high school internship

1.      Build a global network, from home

One of the most valuable benefits of high school internships are the professional connections interns make. Regardless of your future career path, a network will open doors to both professional and academic opportunities. Interns who take on remote placements aren’t bound by the restrictions of international borders, and make global connections from the comfort of their own homes. These placements are the perfect environment to find mentorship and inspiration, as well as excellent references. When it comes time to submit letters of reference to a university or potential employer, our alumni stand out from the crowd with their excellent connections.

2.      Enjoy a flexible schedule

The flexible nature of our remote internship program ensures that high school students with busy schedules can still gain essential professional experience. We offer both full and part-time internships in all of our career fields, with flexible dates and timing. These remote global placements ensure high school students develop a resume that stands out, make essential professional connections, and gain a global perspective on an industry, all from the comfort of their own homes.

3.      Meet with a career coach

Interns benefit from a one hour coaching session with one of our experienced career coaches. After your internship, choose a coach from our portfolio of experts, based on your interests and next steps.  to guide them through their next steps. These sessions offer valuable advice and skills in resume development, acing future interviews, personal branding, and more!

4.      Develop foundational skills

Our Career Advancement Training is the perfect opportunity for high school students to develop the skills experts have deemed the most essential for today’s workplace. Interns hone skills in critical thinking and problem solving, oral and written communication, leadership, and cultural fluency, among others.

Why should I consider a virtual internship?

Virtual internships offer a gateway and a smooth transition into the professional world. For many high school students, remote placements are the perfect experience to prepare them for college, the workforce, or an international internship. Virtual internships are a chance to develop the discipline and independence required to be successful in a placement abroad, and of course enhance your resume, qualifying you for more competitive placements, programs, and roles.

What skills can high school students develop in a virtual internship?

Of course, internships for high school students are primarily intended to ensure tomorrow’s professionals gain foundational skills early on in their careers. Whether you’ve already identified your ideal job, or are still exploring your interests, an internship will equip you with skills that are highly valued in today’s most competitive industries.Certain skills and scenarios come up in nearly every school application and job interview throughout your career. High school internships equip students with teamwork, organization, professionalism, and written communication skills. Each of these is essential for a successful academic and professional career. Our high school internships are designed to prepare students to take on leadership roles in the world’s top universities and companies. In addition to key professional skills, interns also develop confidence and resilience that make them well-spoken and prepared candidates in all future endeavors.

What career fields can I pursue in a high school internship?

Internships for high school students offer professional placements in a wide variety of organizations, including startups, boutique firms, and international nonprofits. Interns take on roles ranging from marketing and communications to fundraising and research.A high school internship in entrepreneurship provides a strong foundation in the business world. Our interns are placed in top sectors including green energy, technology, and social entrepreneurship. Each of our partner organizations is a leader in their own field, and interns learn from inspirational entrepreneurs and innovators. Our marketing internships deliver key skills in social media, blogging, and design. Interns join talented and multi-functional teams, and begin to develop portfolios. The hands-on experience with branding, campaigns and more, makes program alumni competitive applicants in all fields. Of course, placements with international nonprofits and NGOs are some of our most competitive internships for high school students. The nonprofit sector is incredibly vast, and spans human rights, women’s rights, social justice, and animal welfare, to name a few. Experience with these organizations can be applied to nearly any discipline you may pursue in the future.

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Frequently asked questions

1.      How to get a high school internship

Start by filling out a short application form and submitting your CV or resume. Next, you’ll schedule an interview with one of our admissions officers. We interview every candidate individually to ensure we send the top applicants to our partner organizations. If accepted, we’ll match you with a company for your internship! Read more and apply here.

2.      How long are high school internships?

We offer placements ranging from 4 weeks to 6 months. We offer both full-time and part-time internships. Our remote placements are open to 16+ year olds, while our in-person placements are open to 17+.

3.      When should I apply for an internship?

While we accept applicants on a rolling basis, we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible, and no later than 3 months before your desired start date. We offer internships year-round, with regular monthly start dates. Speak with an admissions officer about the best start date for you.

Life as a high school intern