A gap year student

Choosing how to spend your gap year can be a difficult task. There are many gap year programs to pursue, places to explore, and ways to grow. Gap year internships abroad offer unique opportunities, unlike anything you might undertake at home. The friends, connections and memories you’ll make while interning abroad will stay with you for the rest of your career, and your unique professional experience will set you apart from your peers before even starting university.As a gap year intern, you’ll be part of a close-knit community of young professionals from around the world. In every destination, interns live, commute and explore together. You’ll get to be fully immersed in the daily life of a new culture and city while having a group of like-minded people to enjoy the experience alongside you, and a local team to support you every step of the way.

Gap year internships allow you to get ahead of the crowd by developing key professional experience before your peers. Organizations ranging from startups to nonprofits are the perfect places to hone your interests, and maybe even get a better idea of the future career you’d like to pursue. Gap year programs offer unique roles – you’ll have more flexibility to explore different aspects of an organization, and learn from experts across different teams and skillsets. As an intern, you’ll also have access to an incredible network of contacts, and the chance to find mentorship from international professionals.

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Life as a gap year intern

Recommended gap year programs

We offer remote gap year programs and in-person programs across the globe in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Can’t decide which destination would be best? Keep in mind that with gap year internships, you can pursue multiple programs!Gap year interns receive a 5 or 10% alumni discount (depending on their chosen start dates) when they are accepted to more than one program. Schedule an interview to speak with an international admissions officer about which destinations are right for you.


The world is turning to remote work and there’s no better time to gain the skills you need to succeed in a remote-first world than during a gap year. Whether you’re living at home with a day job, traveling the world and checking things off your bucket list, or currently a little bit lost for how to spend your gap year, our remote internship program is the perfect complement to your commitments. You choose whether you’d like to intern for 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours per week. Our remote internships are flexible opportunities to suit your schedule and help you build your career from wherever you are.


If you want to experience the professional scene in Europe, a gap year is the perfect time to do so. Cities like Dublin, London, Madrid and Barcelona are extremely welcoming, and are some of the region’s top business hubs. Each city has its own distinct culture and history, but all are known for their art, food, and travel opportunities. Of course, Europe is also an incredible place to develop connections and get a foot in the door with multinational organizations and small nonprofits alike.

Asia Pacific

Asia has long been one of the most business-savvy regions of the world. Its top cities are extremely international and accessible, making them excellent places to do a gap year internship. Hong Kong, as one of Asia’s most prominent destinations is an excellent option, as are Shanghai and Tokyo. Developing connections in these cities will serve you well long into your career, and a strong understanding of business culture in Japan and China will make you an asset to any organization. Of course, another excellent destination for gap year internships in the Asia Pacific region is Melbourne. Australia is a top destination for students and young professionals alike, and is a wonderful place to get a foot in the door.

The Americas

Whether your focus is on travel and cultural immersion, networking opportunities, skill development or all of the above, there’s a destination in the Americas for you. Gap year interns can choose from the most prestigious destinations in both North and South America, including New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Santiago and Medellin. Living in these cities is an experience unlike any other, because of their vibrant cultures and incredible opportunities for young professionals. Each offers an experience you’ll never forget, and in both Santiago and Medellin, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to improve your Spanish!


Why do a gap year internship?

Gap year internships abroad allow young professionals to develop an immense set of new skills, both personal and professional. Being fully immersed in a new culture and language is the very best way to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity, both extremely important attributes in today’s globalized society. Along with these comes increased confidence, as interns are given a large amount of independence and trust. Interns get professional resume help and career guidance, not to mention excellent references for university and job applications. Interns travel and explore new parts of the world, taking on new adventures and challenges, all while setting themselves apart from the crowd.Organizations ranging from startups to nonprofits are the perfect places to explore your interests, and maybe even get a better idea of the future career you’d like to pursue. As an intern, you’ll also have access to an incredible network of contacts, and the chance to find mentorship.